A Charitable Foundation
in the Memory of D.S. Mohan
D.S. Mohan

About D.S. Mohan (1912 - 2000)

Mohan Detaram Sakhrani was born in 1912 in Hyderabad Sind, India. He came to Hong Kong as a young 19 year old and got his start in business working as a shop assistant. Through tenacity and hard work he grew into an icon for his numerous business and charitable activities, including founding “Mohans” department stores in the early 50’s, pioneering the mail order business and building a world renowned apparel label.

About The D.S. Mohan Foundation

The D.S. Mohan Foundation was established in 2002 and is a charitable Trust registered in Hong Kong. The objects for which the Trust is founded are as follows:

  • To enrich the quality of life for as many people as possible through charitable giving for the public good.
  • To make provision for the relief of poverty, hardship and suffering with particular reference to the protection of children.